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Ludwig Enterprises, Inc., is a publicly traded company that has developed a patented new mobile digital radio receiver The One™ radio.

Last year, in anticipation of available, surplus digital signal capacity, Ludwig Enterprises, Inc., filed a patent to claim its stake of a portion of unused frequencies designed for use by digital TV stations, utilizing this digital bandwidth for 50 HD quality digital audio channels with enhanced video, signage, text, educational, social networking and interactive capabilities.

The One™ radio receiver, developed by Ludwig Enterprises, Inc., is a mobile, multi-channel, multi-purposed digital 2-way communication device. The unit was designed with similar dimensions to an iPhone® or Blackberry™ for ease of use personally and for compatibility with most docking stations in your home or in the car.

Ludwig Enterprises, Inc. is launching the first nationwide World radio network in the U.S. The One™ radio will be the first of its kind with the ability reach a multi-cultural, national listening audience that unites generations and connects advertisers to an untapped marketplace
comprised of nearly 1 Billion listeners with a combined buying power in excess of $1.5 trillion.

The One™ radio content and programming caters to those calling The United States home for the first time, who are fluent in the language of their country of origin, as well as content designed to bridge generations born in the U.S with their national heritage, providing a vital link to those who wish to maintain contact with news and culture from their home countries as well as connecting them with others domestically who share the same experience.

Ludwig’s format, consisting of 40 channels of international and 10 channels of English language content, will be targeted to serve the top 50 culturally diverse locations in the United States, not just the obvious markets of NY, LA, Detroit and Chicago. Languages will include Chinese, Pakistani, Russian, Hebrew, Haitian, Greek, Polish and many more.

Since The One™ radio is an advertiser supported revenue model. Ludwig is able to offer the receiver at a competitive one-time fee, WITHOUT a monthly service fee.

The One™ radio receiver is equipped with a de-tuned, regional GPS module and data transmitter.  Specifically designed to protect individual privacy while at the same time delivering advertisers with almost instant market/demographic feedback, the receiver will send Ludwig daily transmissions of each 15 minute sampling interval from the channels and advertisements delivered via each radio receiver. Even if the receiver is at a home location, the GPS data will be marked and overlaid with publicly available statistics information (on a block level) from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Within 96 hours of an advertisement being aired on Ludwig’s networks, advertisers will have access to the following information:

  • The exact, number of persons in each (DMA) market area receiving to the advertiser’s message… not a guess or extrapolation.
  • A statistics overview of typical listener profile bases in terms of available Census Information such as age, income level, family size and etc.
  • Online access to this information 96 hours after the advertisement was aired.