Ludwig Enterprises,Inc.


Corporate Center:

3160 NW 1st Avenue

Pompano Beach, Florida 33169

Tel 786 235 9026


Investor Contact:

Patrick Greenish, president

Tel 786 235 9026


Financial Highlights

- The company was organized in 1988.
- Became a public company in 2006
- For the past 3 years has been funded
  by an Angel Investor
- Was issued a Patent in 2009 for its
  revolutionary Transmission Method
- Has Authorized 75,000,000 Common
  Shares – Issued 74,420,999
- The Float is 7,394,398 shares
- Company has 554 shareholders

Ludwig Enterprises, Inc. is a revolutionary broadcasting company, offering programming that caters to a rapidly growing, multi-cultural market. They bridge the generations from hip youth culture forging new expressions of Americana to their grandparents who are the custodians of great worldwide traditions. These markets are largely excluded from today’s commercial broadcasters. Ludwig Enterprises is helping to move analogue radio into the digital age, harmonizing all ages and cultures as they add to America’s rich treasure of diversity.

Ludwig Enterprises, Inc. is launching the first nationwide World radio network in the U.S. that really is for US!  The One™ radio is bringing HD quality digital audio to a vast audience of diverse ages and origins, whose interests go unsatisfied by today’s domestic programming. The One™ radio is reaching out to a $1.5 trillion marketplace, and an audience which is almost completely ignored. The segment of listeners born abroad is over 30 million alone, which invites new for exciting programming and a new frontier for advertisers. 

Many listeners miss the classic the radio programs of the past, and just as radio played a vital role as a touchtone for American culture throughout the last century, so to The One™ radio is designed to be a centerpiece around which other cultures can unify and feel as much at home in the United States as they did in the countries they came from.

It is estimated that 1 in 5 Americans are 55 and over. That means 70 million potential listeners are not able to enjoy the programming they love due to the homogenized formats that even satellite and internet radio offer. As listeners enter their golden years, radio plays an ever increasing role in ones window to the world and an important link to news and entertainment, especially if other areas of their lives become more limited. The One™ radio’s programming is designed to serve this, ever growing, abundant marketplace as well as providing youth culture with a vital link to its heritage.

Ludwig Enterprises, Inc. has developed a patented new radio that receives signals from the new Digital Television format (ATSC also known as HD-TV). The One™ radio offers 50 channels of diverse, HD quality, digital programming…Filipino, Pakistani, Hebrew, Chinese, Greek, Russian and many more, in addition to great English programming, old time radio shows, news 24 hours a day, audio books, educational and religious programming, as well as music ranging from Techno to Classical.

The One™ radio receiver, developed by Ludwig Enterprises, Inc., is mobile, handheld and compatible with most docking stations, for your home, in the car or on the go.

The One™ radio utilizes social networking capabilities to link advertisers and listeners via a unique technology that lets the advertiser know exact demographic / statistical data within 96 hours of playing a commercial in each of Ludwig’s 50 primarily markets, offering advertisers virtually real-time feedback for maximum market penetration. The privacy of the listener is protected as well because the regional data collected is not specific to the individual.


The One™ radio’s unique patented technology utilizes a “carousel” that interleaves information streams in a repeating pattern for inclusion into a digital video broadcast (Digital TV: also known as HD TV), allowing Ludwig’s data carousel to deliver multiple dynamic digital audio programs, not just one.


The nearest competitor to The One™ radio is Sirius/XM radio. There is very little overlap in our target audience since The One™ radio is reaching out to new markets that they do not serve, catering to expanding multicultural, 55 plus and emerging youth markets, with an emphasis on family unity.

For legal reasons The One™ radio, like Sirius/XM, is considered a subscription based service. The similarities STOP there. Unlike Sirius/XM Ludwig does not charge a monthly fee. A small one-time subscription fee is charged upon activation and the unit itself is included free of charge. This is the benefit of utilizing existing terrestrial data transmission infrastructure rather than more costly satellite transmission, as well as Ludwig’s main source of revenue being derived from advertising and the sale of syndication time.